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    BIOS National Park Centre, Mallnitz

    The Mallnitz National Park Centre exhibitions amount to a world of interactive adventures, where there’s always plenty to discover. ‘BIOS’ means ‘life’ but what is life? How did it come into being and where can you find it? At BIOS every visitor becomes a researcher, who can explore the secrets of alpine life in a fun way.

    Permanent exhibition:
    The exhibition offers a rewarding visit for everyone who has retained an appreciation of the importance of detail. Do earthworms have eyes? Who are the last knights in the Alps?
    Where do “love drummers” and water sprites live? At BIOS you can explore a world which is usually concealed from our sight.

    New permanent exhibition:

    The Hohe Tauern National Park protects and preserves sensitive biological communities in the high mountains; however, this is only one of its many tasks. At BIOS for the first time, visitors get the chance to take a look behind the scenes and immerse themselves in a National Park adventure.

    Special exhibitions in 2011:
    From traditional artisan work to arts and crafts
    Craftsmanship in the Hohe Tauern National Park Region (21 March to 25 April)
    Many people live in the Hohe Tauern National Park Region and some are still able to practice traditional handicraft techniques. With specialist artisan skills they mostly work from regional raw materials, such as wood, wool or stone.
    The exhibition at the BIOS National Park Centre in Mallnitz displays the huge variety of practical and creative artefacts produced by local artists, and gives an insight into their work.

    The big four – encounters with bear, wolf and lynx
    Or why Little Red Riding Hood must be telling fibs! (7 May to 23 July)
    Wolves, bears and lynxes are repopulating our landscape. Whether these “big three” stand a chance depends on the fourth of the bunch: human beings.
    In the “Big Four” exhibition the large predators will be invited into the BIOS. It will be informative but fun, so everyone will get to know a lot about these fascinating wild animals and about appropriate attitudes towards them.

    Alps-Himalayas: different but still the same (2 July to 26 October)
    The exhibition builds a visual bridge between these two mighty mountain ranges: “different but still the same” refers to life in the mountains, both here and there.
    The comparison highlights the parallels between the hard life of former inhabitants of the Alps and today’s life in the Himalayas. However, another theme of the exhibition is the astonishing similarities between the two animal and plant worlds.

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    Opening hours & prices

    21 March to 07 May: daily from 2pm to 6pm
    08 May to 03 October: daily from 10am to 6 pm
    04 October to 26 October: daily from 2pm to 6pm 

    With the National Park Kärnten Card, free admission to all exhibitions taking place between 1 May and 26 October 2011!


    BIOS National Park Centre, Mallnitz
    +43 4784/701

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