Cuisine & Delectation

Culinary delights on the south side of the Alps

Where the precipitous mountains meet clean waters and a dreamy natural realm, culinary delights are not far away. Carinthia is known for miles around for not being averse to seeing to your gastronomic well-being. Which is why the best produce from right there and numerous traditional recipes pave the way for extensive pleasure. When you then have a variety of fantastic restaurants and traditional inns, then this gastronomic well-being is well catered for. This is something that locals and loyal guests alike know full well.


Freshly caught in the cleanest waters

Carinthia is well-known for being awash with the cleanest and most natural waters in Austria. This includes the Möll, which channels its way through our region and from which the Mölltal gets its name too. Its fish stocks of char, grayling, white fish and many others are not just highlights for fly-fishers, but are also the corners stones of many regional, traditional and healthy fish dishes that you really ought to try. Take a seat and sample some of them.


Time for pleasure

Everything that is done at speed is in flagrant contrast to pleasure and well-being. For this reason many of the gourmets in our region are dedicated to the ‘Slow Food’ concept. With ‘Slow Food’ only the best produce from the region – naturally and sustainably gathered, finds its way on to your plate, and this produce must be used with consideration to prepare traditional, handed-down recipes from the region. In so doing we go back to the old ways and breathe new life into our cuisine.


Feasting is contemplative, just like long-distance hiking

Along the well-known Alpe-Adria Trail a variety of secret culinary treasures are waiting to be discovered. ‘HochGenuss’ landlords see to the gastronomic well-being of long-distance hikers, in Carinthia, to Slovenia, right into far-off Italy – can and, as they take a seat at a table at the end of stage 5 in Innerfragant, they will indeed have an appetite and look forward to delicious, regional specialities.

Gourmet highlights in the valley and in the mountains

So, do you now have an appetite for a long mountain tour, or a long day on the ski pistes in the Mölltal Glacier? Then we welcome you to Genussregion Flattach in Mölltal. Drop by and enjoy yourself.

For more information on your stay get in touch with us right away; send us a no-obligation enquiry or call us on: +43 4785 615. We look forward to hearing from you!


Wintersaison leider beendet
Winter season closed

ab 15.03.2020

Werte Partner und Gäste,
aus gegebenem Anlass beenden wir die Wintersaison schneller als geplant.
Die Skigebiete schließen am Sonntag, 15. März, die Beherbergungsbetriebe am Montag, 16. März.

Alle aktuellen Informationen finden Sie auf
Wir freuen uns, Sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!

Dear guests and partners!
Due to the occasion the winter season 2019/2020 finishs earlier than planned.
The lifts will close with Sunday, 15. March 2020 and the accommodation establishments with Monday, 16. March 2020.

All information about this you will find on
We look forward to welcoming you at later.