A holiday paradise for over 100 years

In 1996 the town of Flattach celebrated 100 years of being an independent town in Carinthia. Documents making reference to the town date back to 1267, when at that time the town name of “Fletschah” was mentioned. Flattach can thank its development to mining. In past centuries gold, iron and copper were mined. Even when mining ground to a halt in the 1920s, the region experienced an “energetic” upsurge in the 1970s with the construction of Gössnitz power plant.

These days Flattach is a tourist town, scoring points for is location at the foot of the Mölltal Glacier and since it provides its guests with a unique natural realm in summer and winter alike, as well as an extensive range of superb activities. Located in Carinthia’s Mölltal, water sports feature among the summer highlights around Flattach. Next to the town is a breath-taking mountain realm, which guests have come to appreciate during extended hikes and mountain tours. To say nothing of the skiing and winter sports, which are available almost throughout the year on the Mölltal Glacier.

Sea level

Culture & Cuisine

Food and drink – a particularly important matter for us Carinthians. It is not just because our natural surroundings provide so much tasty and healthy produce, but because our region is filled with traditions and customs which tempt you to feast and enjoy. From Glockner lamb, to Mölltal Alpine cheese, to Alpine salmon, the produce and recipes that the Hohe Tauern National Park region yields is without equal and you can enjoy them too, in fantastic restaurants, hotels and inns that look forward to welcoming you. Pay us a visit!


NEW FEATURES around Flattach

In Großfragant a unique themed trail is being developed for 2019, which will, on the one hand, bring visitors closer to the natural surroundings and on the other to the era of copper mining and Alpine pasture management and forestry. The Rollbahn themed trail proceeds through the breath-taking natural surroundings and carries you into a faraway time. The route not only features traditional structures, but state-of-the-art technology too. Information boards have been set up at four sections, with text, image and sound installations, manufactured using traditional materials. These provide in-depth insights into this natural and cultural area. A real highlight from summer 2019!

Ski sport

Ski sport almost throughout the year

The widely known Mölltal Glacier is located in Flattach. The only glacier ski area in Carinthia is a genuine highlight in the Flattach region and every year so many visitors, athletes and training groups make use of the excellent pistes on the glaciers for their own needs. The ‘Gletscherexpress’ takes just 8 minutes to take you right into Austria‘s most southerly glacier ski area and up to 3120m altitude. Here, dreamy pistes and inspiring ski runs await.

Information & contact details for Flattach

Info- & Buchungscenter Flattch
9831 Flattach 99 | Austria
Tel: +43 4785 615

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