Road cycling & Mountain biking

On the cycle paths, or a mountain bike tour around Flattach

No traffic jams, no traffic volume, no hunting for a parking space, a bike is without doubt one of the best means of transport for wholly enjoying the region around Flattach in Mölltal. And the best thing about it is being able to choose either a leisurely ride on a bike path, a long ride to the Adriatic coast, or a ride with performance in mind taking in plenty of mountain views, heading to the cosy Alpine inns and genuine ‘energy-filled spaces’.

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Into the valley by bike …

In total, the routes you get to pedal on along the Glockner cycle path ‘R8’ span some 80 km. Rides on the “R8” – the designation for the Glockner cycle path – is particularly popular and it is well signposted. The views to the surrounding mountains are breath-taking. From Heiligenblut am Großglockner through the entire Mölltal, one superb mountain panorama lines up after another and there are plenty of opportunities to stop for breaks, photos and refreshments.

More information about the Glockner cycle path
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On a mountain bike across all the mountains ..

While some prefer to cruise in the valley on a cycle path, others like to push harder on the pedals and let off steam on the loveliest mountain bike tours in the region. Push into the Alpine realm of 3000 metre mountains around Flattach on a mountain bike; a dense network of clearly laid-out bike routes makes this possible. Those for whom that is too much climbing can just borrow an E-bike and get some motorised support.

The loveliest MTB tours in the region

  1. To Ocheniksee – 16.7 km, 1741 m altitude, ca. 5 hours 20 mins – DIFFICULT
  2. Tour to the Hochwurten – 26.5 km, 2262m altitude, ca. 7 hours – DIFFICULT
  3. Circular tour: Staneralm – Himmelbauer – 15.2 km, 841m altitude, approx. 3 hours – DIFFICULT
  4. Flattachberg – Poschacher – 5.4 km, 548m altitude, ca. 1 hour 15 mins. – MEDIUM
  5. Pfaffenberg circuit – 11.5 km, 532m altitude, approx. 2 hours – MEDIUM
  6. From Obervellach to Himmelbauer – 7.6 km, 633m altitude, ca. 1 hour 30 mins – MEDIUM
  7. Mölltal valley circuit – 82.7 km, 1265m altitude, approx. 9 hours – DIFFICULT

So, what is your favourite mountain bike tour?

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Cuisine and pleasure along the Alpe-Adria cycle path

A fantastic notion – a cycle path spanning several countries, different cultures, from the mountains to the sea and with numerous culinary delights along the route. Yet this not just a notion, it is a reality; the route is called the Alpe-Adria cycle path and takes you from the city of Salzburg through the Hohe Tauern and across the Austrian-Italian border to Grado by the sea. Along the route it is not just various different breath-taking landscapes that lie in store, there are so many different culinary delights too.

More information about the Alpe-Adria cycle path

Whether in the valley or across all the mountains on a mountain bike, or an E-bike, Mölltal and in particular the region around Flattach, is pre-destined to provide fantastic adventures in the saddle.

Hop on to your bike and experience Flattach on two wheels.

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