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Under your own steam experiencing the high art of skiing

Kilometres of pistes, perfectly tended ski slopes and a refreshment stop are features that anyone who really wants to make inroads into the roots of ski sport, looks for in an open ski area. Skiing in unspoilt deep snow is the ‘High Art’ of winter sport and for many is the ultimate when it comes to unforgettable days in the mountains. The region around Flattach in Mölltal has a few noteworthy treats in store for ski tourers and freeride fans. “Get ready”, powder snow awaits.

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Freeride Mecca on the Mölltal Glacier

Whereas for those in training, the 7km FIS run is of interest and other speed junkies who are striving for sporting achievements, our gaze is drawn to the Gletscherbahn gondola lift and into the open terrain. The mountains around the Mölltal Glacier have a sensational reputation and thanks to their high level of snow-assuredness, freeriders will – for the most part – find really great conditions here. The freeride run across the Schareck, Wurtenkees and the steep slopes to Sportgastein are certainly among the main big adventures in the Eastern Alps. Yet we never forget that safety is always to the fore.

Ski tours – over all the mountains under your own steam

“This is set to be a fantastic day. The alarm goes off early, outside the day is dawning. After a hearty breakfast we attach the skins to our skis and head out through the superb natural surroundings, heading for the summits …!” Tackling the mountains under your own steam is a very special thing, especially on the sunny side of the Alps in the Hohe Tauern, where you will come across the biggest ski touring area in the Eastern Alps. Starting from Flattach you will come across so many superb tours. TIP: Spend the night in Fraganter bothy – you can then start your ski tours at an altitude of 1810m.


Don’t miss these freeride highlights:

  • Baumbachspitze ski run – Sportgastein: EASY – MEDIUM
  • Highest point on the Baumbachspitze: 3105 m
  • Schareck Ostwand ski run – Sportgastein: CHALLENGING – DIFFICULT
  • Highest point on the Schareck: 3122 m
  • Alteck variant to the valley station for the chair lift – MEDIUM
  • Duisburger Hütte variant to the Eisseebahn – MEDIUM
  • Fun park variant, Stübele See, intermediate station – MEDIUM

Be safe out there …

We always pay a great deal of attention to safety when it comes to freeriding and ski touring. At the start of the day we check the avalanche warning report and ensure we are aware about any developments in the weather. Our rucksack always contains safety equipment, which includes an avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe and avalanche shovel. We practice using this equipment and keep our skills current so we are able to rely upon this expertise and know-how. Information about avalanche conditions and the weather can be found here:


Our TOP 10 ski tour TIPS:

  1. Up the Reßeck: 9.9 km, 1260m altitude, ca. 3 hours 30 mins, MEDIUM
  2. Hochgrubenkopf: 11.6 km, 1160m altitude, ca. 3 hours 30 mins, MEDIUM
  3. Striedenkopf via Fraganter bothy: 8.3 km, 1530m altitude, ca. 5 hours 30 mins, MEDIUM
  4. Schobertörl – Rotwandeck: 18.6 km, 1550m altitude, ca. 5 hours, DIFFICULT
  5. Sadnig via Fraganter bothy: 8.4 km, 1675 m altitude, ca. 5 hours 30 mins, MEDIUM
  6. Sandfeldkopf from Innerfragant: 19.8 km, 1750m altitude, ca. 6 hours, DIFFICULT
  7. Saustellscharte from the ski area: 10.4 km, 240m altitude, 2 hours 15 mins, MEDIUM
  8. Hoher Sonnblick from the Mölltal Glacier: 10.5 km, 1077m altitude, ca. 4 hours, MEDIUM
  9. Southern Zirknitzspitze (south east flank): 6.5 km, 1300m altitude, ca. 4 hours, DIFFICULT
  10. Sandfeldkopf via the west flank: 5.8 km, 1300m altitude, ca. 4 hours, DIFFICULT
Even more tours in the ski tour portal

Here’s what one powder fan had to say:

“Right through the winter I look out for the best snow and THE ultimate run from the mountain into the valley. I found just that on the Mölltal Glacier, the run from the Baumbachspitze to Sportgastein in Salzburg is freeriding high art. Little to nothing in the way of climbing and ski runs that are unparalleled. The conditions have to be just right because when conditions are a bit iffy, I am very reticent …!”


Looking for the ultimate freeride run and the best powder snow on the south side of the Alps?

Well the freeriding and ski tour region around in Flattach is the very place for you!

For more information about your stay get in touch. Send us a no-obligation enquiry or call us: +43 4785 615. We look forward to hearing from you!


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