Hiking & Mountaineering

From lovely woodlands to Alpine beauty

Anyone who takes a closer look at Flattach and the surrounding area on a map will see that hiking and mountaineering are the loveliest things that you can do here with us. As locals we are well aware of this too and are proud of our many lovely hiking trails, tours and traditional Alpine inns. Whether it is at a leisurely pace close to the valley, Alpine and performance-oriented in the vertical or on a long-distance hike is merely a matter of preference – the choice is yours, and they are many and varied.

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Hiking in the beautiful natural surroundings

When the morning is still young, that is the best time to head out on an extended hike. We pack up out things, lace up our hiking shoes and head through the superb natural surroundings. To start with we take the cable car so we can begin our hike a bit higher up and the cable car ride is included, thanks to the Kärnten Card. Along the route our gaze is always drawn to the countless, high mountain summits in the Hohe Tauern and to the glaciated flanks. My goodness, life really can be so beautiful.


Innerfragant via ferrata route

Climbers and mountain sports aficionados will enjoy the via ferrata route in Innerfragant at the valley station for the Mölltal Glacier cable car. Located at 1250m altitude, it is accessible in just a few minutes from the car park. The wall has 24 very well-secured climbing routes of between 20 – 60 metres in height and in difficulty levels ranging from 4a to 5c. The routes proceed over ledges, through fissures and overlays. You need between 10 and 20 quickdraws and a 50 metre single rope. Then away you go.

More information about Innerfragant via ferrata

Conquering summits above 3000 metres

Some of the loveliest hiking trails and mountain tours can be found in the Mölltal Glacier area. In the past few decades the glacial retreat has done a bit of good – a superb hiking area with routes in all difficulty levels has emerged. From a short tour to Duisburger Hütte, that is even suitable for families and children, to a challenging summit tour up to the Schareck or to Weißgerber Biwak along the route to the Ankogel. Mountaineers and summiteers are spoilt for choice.

More information about mountaineering on the Mölltal Glacier

From glacier to sea …

… that is the maxim on the unique long-distance hiking trail that runs through our region. The Alpe-Adria Trail starts right at the Pasterze Glacier at the foot of the Großglockner, proceeding in 43 stages and 750 km to the Adriatic coast. In between there are three countries, several regions and a variety of lovely rural and culinary surprises. The town of Flattach is located directly on the route for the Alpe-Adria Trail and it is well-worth taking a closer look at one stage or another.

More information about the Alpe Adria Trail

The loveliest hikes in Flattach

  1. Raggaschlucht – 2.4 km, 200m altitude, ca. 1 hour 30 mins – MEDIUM
  2. Bergersteig – 1.8 km, 81m altitude, ca. 45 mins – EASY
  3. Kirchsteig – 1.9 km, 162m altitude, ca. 1 hour 30 mins – MEDIUM
  4. Möllrundweg – 3.1 km, 58 m altitude, ca. 1 hour 15 mins – EASY
  5. Wabener Weg – 6.9 km, 951 m altitude, ca. 3 hours 20 mins – MEDIUM
  6. Wollnitzenweg – 9.9 km, 968 m altitude, ca. 3 hours 30 mins – DIFFICULT
  7. Rollbahnweg – 4.7 km, 149 m altitude, ca. 1 hour 40 mins – MEDIUM
  8. Innerfragant – Fraganter bothy – 4.4 km, 744m altitude, 2 hours 30 mins – DIFFICULT
  9. Kleinfraganterweg – 11.4 km, 401m altitude, ca. 4 hours 30 mins – DIFFICULT
  10. Richard Helfer Weg – 8.6 km, 167 m altitude, ca. 3 hours 30 mins – DIFFICULT

With the criteria of fitness, technique, experience and landscape, the tours can be well assessed, so that there is the perfect tour for everyone. HERE, go to the tour portal of the region

So, have you already laced up your hiking shoes and contemplating heading out on our hiking trails and mountain paths?

Then you are in great hands here and ought to start out on your next hike in Flattach in Mölltal.

For more information about your stay, get in touch. Send us a no-obligation enquiry or call us on: +43 4785 615. We look forward to welcoming you!


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Winter season closed

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Werte Partner und Gäste,
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Dear guests and partners!
Due to the occasion the winter season 2019/2020 finishs earlier than planned.
The lifts will close with Sunday, 15. March 2020 and the accommodation establishments with Monday, 16. March 2020.

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We look forward to welcoming you at later.